Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SJA: The Death of the Doctor

Starring Elisabeth Sladen and Featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor with Katy Manning as Jo Jones
Written By Russell T Davies
Broadcast on 25th and 26th October 2010

Well I wasn't expecting this. For the second year running, the Doctor has made a guest appearance in the spin off, the Sarah Jane Adventures. Now I can only see this as detrimental to the show's own identity. But hey, I'm not complaining.
Basic plot, UNIT turn up on Sarah Jane's doorstep (poorly parked) with the news that the Doctor is dead. Firstly, Sarah has always been most careful not to let on to UNIT what she does. Also we have the most unconvincing and overly glamourous UNIT boss ever. What's beautiful is Sarah Jane's denial over the fact the Doctor has died. But didn't she believe he was dead for years?
I'll not lie, a UNIT funeral is the perfect setting. But why in some big budget base, not good old UNIT house, it wouldn't have killed them, I mean discretion. Even if they do have a sign of the commanding officer at the front gate.
What's neat is the subtle references to the past, Liz Shaw's absence, she's apparently on the moon. As for the Brigadier, I am sick of him being stuck in Peru, he'd fit in perfectly here, even for the last 5 minutes. Instead we have a memorial with random "soldiers". Not even Sergeant Benton.
The Shansheeth are.... rubbish. They're like molting muppets, that's all I have to say on the matter. Apart from the idea that their purpose is to comb the battlefields of space looking for lost heroes, to return home.
The memories scene is beautiful, visually and audibly. Though David Tennant might not be too pleased with the amount of exposure he gets. But then, icing on the cake, the 4th Doctor, in that famous "I walk through eternity" scene, then an awful poor quality shot of the 3rd Doctor from Death to the Daleks, a shot of his cheeky grin or even his regeneration would have been much better. Enter Jo Grant! She seems to have gone a bit bonkers, spouting all this drivel about tribes and stuff. This continues through the whole story, a lot of the time, just padding.
Padding which takes away from what could have been with Jo and Sarah getting to know each other. Instead they seem to have heard of each other. But anyway, straight off, they seem to strike up a great relationship, they could make a great double act. Also this is easy to miss but when Jo mentions Metebilis III, Sarah visibly remembers, what happened. Then they share their experiences of Peladon... this hugging thing is starting to get a bit irritating.
The Santiago boy besides having an incredible name is pretty good, a fine young actor I reckon, and experienced.
There is even time to clear up that business about the untelevised adventure referenced in Timelash. But as they go on to speak names from the past as a fan I am loving this.
BOOM incoming 11. The new face takes some getting used to for everyone involved, but for Sarah and Jo it's surprisingly unemotional. As for the Doctor's meeting Jo for the first time in centuries... nope nothing. It has none of the emotional impact of School Reunion. Jo even seems to know about regeneration.
Cliffhanger, why are the Shansheeth determined to kill the Doctor? You'll see when you discover their ultimate goal.
Anyway, part 2 is where things start to get interesting, the Doctor, Jo and Sarah, together on an alien planet.
Ah, the Shansheeth want the TARDIS, don't tell me they want the key.
Things get more and more satisfying between the Doctor and Sarah, talkin' 'bout regeneration. Jo gets her look in, appropriately so. She left to get married, even though the Doctor is travelling with Amy and Rory now, she must feel a bit cheated. The Doctor never came back, even though he said he would, "come and visit us sometimes.". Though she's been traveling, he couldn't find her. But what's so sweet is that he knows what she's been doing, when he visited past companions in the End of Time, he say EVERYONE. Not just the new kids on the block, everyone.
Now there are some shenanigans in a ventilation shaft.... which lead to the revelation that the Doctor can change colour, but also he can regenerate 507 times.... what a load of crap.
Yes the Shansheeth want the TARDIS key. From Jo and Sarah's memories.... but 1 thing, the Doctor changed the locks, while Sarah was traveling with the Doctor it was the special prop. I was hoping this would be a plot point but no, completely overlooked.
More clips of the TARDIS! 4 Doctors no less, memories of the TARDIS, the old girl. More memories, friends and foes long since gone, the Doctor, the Daleks, the monsters, the Master.
In order, the Doctor meeting Sarah Jane again in School Reunion, Bellal, Exxilons and the Root from Death to the Daleks, The Daleks Sarah almost drove into from Journey's End, a priest from Masque of Mandragora, Masked Hiehronymous from Masque of Mandragora, Alpha Centuri, the Aggedor Statue and Ice Warrior from Monster of Peladon, The Doctor repairing K9 in School Reunion, Osiaran Head, Mummy and Sutekh from Pyramids of Mars, Harrison Chase from the Seeds of Doom, The Anitimatter Monster from Planet of Evil, T Rex and the Brigadier from Invasion of the Dinosaurs, The Fourth Doctor and Harry in Bessie from Robot, Eldrad's Hand and the glowing eyed Eldrad and man Eldrad from the Hand of Fear. The Zygons from Terror of the Zygons, Two shots of Davros and a shot of the Daleks from Genesis of the Daleks, Androids, The Fourth Doctor and Styggron from Android Invasion. Dalek, Spiradon, Dalek ship, Dalek army and Dalek Supreme from Planet of the Daleks, Cronos from the Time Monster, two shots of Sea Devils, the Dinosaur, Drashigs, Pertwee with Sonic and Explosions from Carnival of Monsters, Harry, well the Captain from Carnival also and finally Shirna. No wait, there's more, Bok, the Master and Azal from the Daemons, The Third Doctor from the Mutants, An Ogron from Frontier in Space, Mutants and Fat guy from the Mutants, Dranconian, Daleks and the Master from Frontier in Space, Alpha Centuri, Ice Warrior and King Peladon from Curse of Peladon. Aaaaaaaaaand BANG! A load of Sarah Jane clips but I don't really care about that, Jo a load of David Attenborough clips. That scene was truly incredible, an incredible celebration of Doctor Who's past.
And then.... Sarah and Jo.... they think they're going to die. That is delightfully tragic, oh wait, the coffin. But what about the Rocket?
Mona Lisa... City of Death reference?
Anyway, home time. The TARDIS looks suspiciously at home in the attic. As Jo and Sarah look quite at home in the TARDIS! This has been a long time coming, please just one trip. But also, they actually get some different angles in.
Time Lords, touchy subject. Oh if only they were around.
It's somewhat tragic that he ultimately has to leave, and the final goodbyes are a bit brief, not like Russell T Davies' usual style.
As for Santiago, I keep thinking he's about to become a regular.
Jo's goodbyes are rather exuberant but it seems wrong, Sarah and Jo are made to be a double act. I hope they return. But all the other companions, Tegan, Ben, Polly, Harry, Dorothy (Ace), Ian and Barbara Chesterton, married, never aged... bizarre. But Harry, it seems wrong to assume he's still alive.
I have to say, this story at times has been more Doctor Who than Doctor Who itself, a real celebration. It would have been the icing on the cake if K9 and the Brigadier had been there but you can't have it all. Though it does raise questions about SJA as a vehicle, it's seriously in danger of losing its identity within this intertextuality. I mean there have been more flashbacks in this story than all of series 5, though it's relevant for a story about memories, that's why it's so befitting. I've really enjoyed this story, but I can't help but feel it's going to be a little lost on some of SJA's normal viewers.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's not over yet! The Doctor Who Awards 2010

Ah you thought you'd got rid of me did you. Oh ye of little faith, I don't go down that easily. This has been on my mind for a while now but I think it's justified to have a mini Doctor Who awards ceremony to honour this new series of Doctor Who and the changes that have been brought in.
So let's get started with our first category.
To present our first award we have Jeff from the Eleventh Hour, you know, the good looking one... that should get a girlfriend... then saved the world... then we never saw again.
Best Newcomer, the nominations are...
Matt Smith as the Doctor
Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
Arthur Darvil as Rory
Steven Moffat as Producer
And the winner is of course Matt Smith. Matt has produced an almost flawless run as the Doctor, each episode is a joy to watch as he performs it all with such naturalism that hasn't been seen since the Tom Baker era. Sure David Tennant was good and got by on enthusiasm and brilliant acting, but now Matt Smith IS the Doctor, Tennant feels so long ago now and for Smith to have managed that is a triumph. I say near flawless of course because of my criticisms of the Beast Below, in that he was somewhat erratic, but early days though, the lad was still experimenting and watching every DVD he could get hold of of classic Doctor Who. But this man can only go from strength to strength and will be long remembered for this classic, brave, incarnation of the Doctor. Too young? Pah!
As for our runners up, Karen loses out not because of poor performance, but because of poor realization of what some would call feisty others would call unpleasent character. She can only do so much with what is written on the page and if the character is written as a total bitch then, there's not much you can do. That's why the relationship with Rory just doesn't work, she's rude to him, puts him down, tells him to shut up and cheats on him on her wedding night. I'm sorry but the character is a mess and doesn't work in Karen's favour.
Arthur Darvill, well he only managed to prove himself in the latter half of the series, just before he was killed, then came back. Before he was just a bit hopeless and mopey, Darvill in a sense struggling to find his feet with the other regulars and just struck me as a sort of Mickey clone but managed to prove himself by being more proactive later on. Unfortunately again the poor chemistry between his and Amy's character lets it down and just doesn't work. You want the bugger to just give it up and find someone who appreciates him. Hopefully next year he will have a better look in.
Moffat, now he has been hailed as a genius for years but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this series wasn't exactly what we were expecting. His scripts are now less of a novelty, and that is such a great loss, but he has at least regained some ground of originality after the increasingly tedious Russell T Davies years, god you just wanted to slap his chubby face by the end of it. But Moffat in a sense is cursed with that same RTD format and that doesn't seem to work for him, I just wish he'd been braver and restructured in a way the series, such as more two part episodes perhaps, have a mid series finale than that eternal sag that strikes every year, just to keep the excitement up, there is no reason why every story can't be that big or exciting. So the new series unfairly seems to be a ghost of it's former self, something, some spark has been lost that worked then but doesn't sit so well here. This wasn't the golden age we were expecting.

For our next category we would like to ask Richard Wilson to present the award. I DON'T BELIEVE IT! Or is his new catchphrase ARE YOU MY MUMMY?
Anyway, the next award is for best returning villain. The nominees are...
The Daleks
The Weeping Angels
The Silurians, or Eocenes, or Homo Reptilia
The Cybermen
And the winner is.... The Weeping Angels. Now I have to admit I thought the announcement of them coming back was a bit gratuitous, seemingly Moffat trying to prove himself and was skeptical about their return. And was right to be so because even though Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone was good, it has had the detrimental effect of lessening the Angels, so we have kind of killed that horse by running it into a brick wall. The Angels now have these new abilities that work on a good day when it's 18 degrees outside exactly and there is partial cloud cover, such as their quantum locking that activates if you have your eyes shut and pretend you can see, but even when they realise, they move pretty slowly. They can look at each other with no problems now when we see masses of them. They don't zap people into the past anymore. Blink really should have been an open and shut case, any questions can be left to your imagination, but in haste we have kind of reduced the Weeping angels and they are no longer the great terror they should be. So really I should just throw this award into the dustbin because I can't give it to the others either.
The Daleks, were back again and are in danger of losing any great status at all, which is probably why their slot isn't looked to highly upon amongst other reasons. I'd hoped Moffat would resist bringing them back again, but I guess in each appearance their presence was justified to an extent. But still I feel let down in that department in that they should be given a rest.
Silurians despite a great first episode, their appearance was kind of meh. It was a lazy way of getting a good monster of the week even if it did have some great plus points. They do feel kind of cheapened, like the Angels in a way, it didn't really put any great value on what they were at all. Also I couldn't stand that arty farty scottish actress who played the two main Silurians, she wasn't only annoying once but twice! With all that wavy hand acting and wobbly neck and that pretentious acting reaction to herself being dead, she was totally unpleasant and not in a good monster way. That and she sounded similar to an old dentist of mine. She was a bitch as well.
The Cybermen... from the trailers, their return was blown from the off, but even then they didn't even get their own story, they were in two scenes of the Pandorica Opens then suffered the fate of everything else and turned to stone, the Daleks stealing the show again so that was so bitterly disappointing. Moffat could have done so much with the Cybermen. A stone Cyberman would have been so much better than that sodding stone Dalek.

For our next category we would like to welcome Mary Whitehouse who has been cast to play the Rani next year.
Best original villain... the nominees are...
Prisoner Zero,
The Atraxi,
The Saturnyne fish vampires,
The Dream Lord,
The thing that was chasing Vincent Van Gogh that I can't pronounce the name of.
And the Winner is, the Dream Lord, by a long streak. His character is so perfect and is one of the few things that saves Amy's Choice which otherwise would have been a pretty naff episode in my opinion. Being one step ahead as a villian is what gives them that extra dimension and there is an understanding between him and the Doctor, it's obvious what the relationship is but not painful. He doesn't want to just kill the Doctor, he's going to have a bit of fun and bring him down slowly. He is a highlight of the series by far, if only the story had been better, that's why the pensioners aren't nominated.
Prisoner Zero and the Atraxi are pretty trivial and forgettable as monsters so they don't rank too highly.
The Fish Vampires, they were good but the whole Vampire side just smacks of unoriginality, being so familiar they are tied down by the myths and legends they are inspired by so you can't do much with them. They were a decent monster of the week and the story Vampires in Venice definitely served to set a standard for the series.
The thing that was chasing Vincent, nothing more than a representation of one's demons, not much of a threat, just wild. And bearing a resemblance to a chicken.

To present the next award we have Patrick Moore who incidentally has been awarded the special award for best cameo. No sorry, most overdue cameo.
Anyway, best story...
The Eleventh Hour
Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
Vampires of Venice
The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
Vincent and the Doctor
The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

And the winner is Vincent and the Doctor. At the stage where the series slips into a sort of plod just before the finale, Vincent and the Doctor packed such an emotional punch, being mainly character led, the giant chicken horse was largely unimportant might have been more interesting if it was more of an Id type creature as opposed to just randomly being there, it would at least have a reason to be associated with Van Gogh, but maybe that would have been to obvious. But I'm prepared to overlook that simply because of it's great story telling. Despite it's heavy emotional message it does pack in some humour, there are laughs as well as tears and never has the historical celebrity been better presented in Doctor Who. It's all sort of marvelous. But as I say, the enemy isn't important, which is unusual for Doctor Who but Richard Curtis carries it off well and I don't think anyone else could do it in the same way and if they did try something similar next year it will be a disaster, completely overlooking why it worked. It's joyous and tragic, Vincent wasn't saved, but they made a difference. I think the fact that Curtis isn't a fan, makes all the difference.
The Eleventh Hour, was a good series opener, but it can only do so much at that stage. The set up of our new Doctor and Companion is exciting to watch. It does have a charm that bodes well for the series and it's great to see Matt Smith proving himself as the Doctor.
Time of Angels and The Hungry Earth both suffer the same problem, their first episodes are delightfully atmospheric, it has really brought home the spooky first episode feel of the old day that was largely lost in favour of bizarreness and a bombastic second part as in the RTD era, see Bad Wolf and Parting of the Ways. But their second halves bring them down somewhat, both using returning enemies, as soon as you know what you're up against you kind of know where it's going and how to beat them. Flesh and Stone did use a magic button in a sense with the crack in the universe which was unsatisfying being used so early on in the series when we still don't know what's happening, but I can't help but think, damn lucky that crack was there. Cold Blood however, it's the Silurians, all that can happen is either you blow them up (not likely when you have only a family as your supporting cast, hardly an army, or they'll just go back to sleep, and what happens is the latter, and being contained in that small village, the threat of war is pretty unintimidating, no scale. No pun intended. But what definately needs to be said about the Silurian story is that the characterization was wonderful, I can't stress that enough and I would even go so far as to say the same for Time of Angels. Why? The extra running time gives everything just that little more breathing space.
Vampires in Venice is your typical Monster invasion story, it's just above average setting a benchmark I think for the new series. It has a certain quality, but those flamboyant costumes are hard to take seriously, Francesco I'm looking at you!
The Pandorica Opens again, brilliant first episode, but The Big Bang doesn't continue this instead going off in a completely different direction which is a shame when you have almost every monster there and lacked that final kick at the end. It serves to enrich the rest of the series but doesn't stand up all that well on it's own, which is a problem with these story arcs, you spend most of your time in flashbacks. But if you need proof of Matt Smith's worth as the Doctor, just watch him address a fleet of alien spaceships, but don't interrupt, because HE IS TALKING. That is Matt Smith's version of This is Sparta I guess.

Now to present the next award, we have a tub of lard.
The category for worst bit of redesign... the nominees are...
The TARDIS Exterior
The TARDIS Interior
The Sonic Screwdriver
The Daleks
And the winner is... the TARDIS Interior...
I hate it, I only realised it towards the end of the series, but as soon as it's novelty wears off you realise it looks like a christmas shop or the set of a kids pre school show. Designer Ed Thomas can not get over this fixation with coral which is just looking like polystyrene and is trying to combine that with polished metal. There is no style. As I have said, the console, what is the point of having panels with no controls on them, instead they're positioned all around the edges. The time rotor/column can barely be seen and the set is always shot from that same high angle, why because probably it's the only place they can get a camera in for a wide shot. I miss the buttresses and columns as well, it gave the place more structure and shape, now it's just a mess of random coral walls. I don't see why it had to be such a radical redesign, surely it should just be a logical progression, keeping the similar shape but basically repaired maybe bits replaced. I don't get how it can be new but still look ancient, that doesn't mix. They have had some good decisions, a decent sized scanner (but put it by the doors on the opposite side of the room from the controls), the hexagonal console (but some how cut it up like a cake.). ANd dials, you know instruments that tell you things. Somehow bigger is better. We get it, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, you don't have to go mad. I miss the old console room, but this is just total redesign rather than redevelopment and it's hard to stomach. If it's the same designer, keep with the basic outline and just change a few things here and there, I know the old set was falling apart and being held together by duck tape but if it was rebuilt to similar specifications you could implement those small changes for practical reasons. That's how the TARDIS developed in the old days, simply rebuilding because the old one was falling apart but staying faithful to the basic structure.
The runners up then, the TARDIS exterior, is gorgeous, that lovely blue and it's great we've gone back to basics, if only they'd been brave enough to make it as an actual Police Box, a missed opportunity there, but it'll settle. Definitely a move in the right direction.
The Sonic Screwdriver, well if you didn't think it looked rude normally, in the Eleventh Hour when it pops out of the console will show you what I mean. It's not sleek anymore, it's kind of clumsy looking.
The Daleks. Controversial and gratuitous I know but really not all that bad. I'll admit, lining them up like skittles does them no favours in all their different colours and they do look awfully garish, but if you say look at the adventure game, City of the Daleks when we have the Daleks in uniform colours then it doesn't look so bad, but I think it's the colours that don't help it. I read in DWM that Mark Gatiss wanted kids to see them and want to go up and lick them. That isn't really the right approach when you're designing the scariest things on television. No didn't think that through did you. But what puzzles me is that the Daleks have been redesigned for no reason, but, in Pandorica, we encountered Cybermen, Sontarans, and even Judoon, the Judoon, they haven't been tampered with. Sontarans, they're still in their blue romper suits and the Cybermen aren't even from this universe! And they are the creatures that changed 4 times over 3 years in the 60's. What is this obsession with redesign, it's just fixing something until it's broken. I mean Michael Jackson for example. Can we not just be faithful, take things from as they were when they worked perfectly well, and just fill in the gaps that we can now in the modern world, ie for Sontarans, the masks, good fine, the rompersuits in blue get rid, the dark metallic armour back please, the wardrobe change fuxes the continuity. Cybermen, change them once in a while, rather than the same old design for 4 years! Daleks, just keep them in good condition for goodness sake, the subtle design changes worked in 2005, anything more is OTT in fact, just changing them to military khaki worked enough in Victory, but if anything, get some of the classic 60's sleekness back.

For the next award we have a piece of fluff to present, worst story of the year.
The nominees are...
The Beast Below
Victory of the Daleks
Amy's Choice
The Lodger
And the winner is, Beast Below. Why because it suffers from what I call episode two syndrome, always acting like it's got something to prove and falls flat on it's face. Fires of Pompeii is an exception but for Series 4 Both the Doctor and companion were already established. Here we basically get another episode 1 to get the companion up to speed which is always a drag because the story holds back so as not to do too much too soon and put the companion off travelling for life. Focussing more on strangeness of the universe than any actual threat and that's what the Beast Below lacks, any actual threat or enemy and really tries too hard. Which is a total disappointment for a Moffat script, it was probably just an idea at the back of his head that would just fill that slot rather than developing something interesting. Liz 10 was a joke with a strong whiff of cheese, the Star whale makes no sense as it seems to have the top of its head removed so its brain could be prodded, it has tentacles for some reason, and the winders and Smilers served no real purpose. And it was political which I can't stand in Doctor Who, political agendas are for the news, not our 45 minutes of escapism on a Saturday night.
The runners up however, well the only runner up really is Amy's Choice which was someone predictable, saved by some good imagery and the character of the Dream Lord, had killer pensioners and by the end of the story you realise there was no real jeopardy at all. It was all a dream. Which is very unsatisfying.
The other two really aren't bad, the Lodger gets by on its contemporary humour, but again lacks any real menace. But Victory of the Daleks is very unfairly treated mainly because of the new Daleks, but the beginning with Daleks being nice is so refreshingly different, and they have a plan that makes sense, and aren't killed off again putting an end to this last Dalek stuff. What people don't understand is the purpose of the episode was basically to upgrade the Daleks, and make them a universal threat again putting them back into the universe, we are still in the set up stage of the series by episode 3.

Now to present the next award we have Steven Hawking
the award for Best Guest Star... the nominees are...
There's no point, it's Tony Curran for his brilliant portrayal of Van Gogh in Vincent and the Doctor.

The next award is going to be presented by TV Liscence payers
The award for Biggest Waste of Money... the nominees are...
Doctor Who Confidential for going swanning off to Venice to talk to some Venetian guy about discount blinds.
Doctor Who Confidental for going swanning off to LA to interview Tony Curran and look at one of Van Gogh's pretty paintings.
Doctor Who Confidential for going swanning off to New York to stalk, Matt, Karen, Steven and the other two producers as they promote the series we've already seen.

and the winner is.... Piers Wenger for his self indulgent Doctor Who tour bus. Honestly, this is ridiculous, serving as nothing more than a road trip for the Doctor Who team, we are effectively paying for everyone on board to watch a DVD box set of their favourite American TV show as they spend more time traveling and sleeping than they do actually promoting the series. It is absurd, do they realise that that includes, THE BUS, the crews, the actors etc, hotels, food... I'd love to work on Doctor Who you get all these little holidays. Who actually knew about this tour bus other than the handful of children that got invited to view the Eleventh Hour and a load of Doctor Who Forum stalkers? No one a total waste, everyone who cares about Doctor Who will know it's going to be on telly, anyone who doesn't give a damn will do just that, not give a damn or groan at the madness of a bloody bus with Matt Smith's massive face on the side, this isn't a political campaign. If it's worth travelling to all these locations, surely it's worth the sacrifice of just sitting in a car for hours on end than this over extravagant bus! And the tour as I've said is going to only have a minimal impact on the public. And no I'm not just bitter because I didn't see it because I am one of the majority of the British public!

So that's pretty much it, there is just time to mention a couple of special awards. We have most nudity which goes of course to Matt Smith for his two stints in the nip, most wet, again Smith for no less than 4 soakings and most inappropriate humour goes to Amy's choice for whacking old grannys and of course we couldn't end these awards without a special award, for best item of spontaneous costume, the fez. Join me next year for Doctor Who 2011 on the blog, Fezes are cool.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Big Bang

Featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory and Alex Kingston as River Song
Written By Steven Moffat
Broadcast on 26th June 2010

It's the end... or is it. So the Doctor has been locked in a box by.... everything.
2000 odd years later. The Eleventh Hour again? Alternate opening, no Doctor, no stars. Stars don't exist.
Come along pond, a message from a mysterious figure.... I smell something timey wimey.
Stone Daleks...
The Pandorica, an exhibit.
Stick around Pond, it's moving really fast, which is good.
Those Stone Daleks look great.
And the Pandorica opens, again. And within, Amy?
Previously, mopey Rory is moping. He needs a miracle and what does he get? The Doctor with a mop and a fez! The sheer randomness of Doctor Who.
Ok so the Sonic Screwdriver can open the Pandorica, not very safe is it?
The universe never happened, paradox. Here we go, timey wimey.
OH NICE PUNCH Rory. Be a man, everything bad I ever said about him I take back.
The Pandorica will keep her alive, magic box, not so bad I guess. Amy, meet Amy.
Vortex Manipulator shortcut, this is going to get complicated.
Rory however chooses the slow path. Oh Rory, you're like a loyal puppy dog, a plastic puppy dog. For 2000 years. Dalek trouble. Vision impared, that was easy enough. And breathe.
FEZ! Doctor in a fez! Why has this never happened before? The Doctor is totally a fez person. Nicely the timey wimey madness is contained to this mad scene, in a fez. Stopped in its tracks by a frazzled Doctor falling down the stairs. The Doctor has just witnessed his own death, no regeneration.
Now even Amelia never happened and that Dalek is not giving up.
The Sun is the TARDIS and River is stuck in a time loop. So we have to watch that scene over and over again. I'm not going to question the complexity of using a vortex manipulator to get on board the TARDIS.
Question number 1. What have you got on your head. Best line ever, "It's a fez, I wear a fez now, Fezes are cool." I don't think anyone in the universe has ever said that before.
That bloody Dalek again.
Ok long complicated plan to bring back the universe. But could it work?
The Doctor has been exterminated. Again.
River alone with a Dalek, Mercy... how about no!
The Doctor's disappeared. To set up the Pandorica, fly it into the exploding TARDIS.
Time will be written, these events erased, no one will remember, thios happened in the Last of the Time Lords but that was too big for being smaller in a way, this has only concerned the Doctor, Amy, River and Rory. It's not so much reversing time as fixing it.
Before going, the Doctor has one last thing to say. One of the finest and emotional speeches ever in Doctor Who, so absolutely the Doctor, the universe doesn't need him anymore, time to go.
Oh we're back. Legs, Bow tie oh the fez. Put your losses into perspective.
Ah so that bit in Time of Angels when he gets his jacket back was from the future. And back to the beginning, the night Amelia waited, the Doctor came back.
As the Doctor talks to the sleeping Amelia, you can feel him slipping away, getting weaker.
Hating repeats, is that a dig at BBC3 or just to avoid seeing David Tennant again?
Morning Pond, big day! Talk about fairytale, everything's perfect isn't it. Augustus Pond, good name, brilliant name.
Surprise River Song.
Why is she crying? Because she's happy? No sad, she needs to learn to be tactful that girl.
River's diary, blank pages of things that never have been. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
I want a TARDIS at my wedding now, when I have a wedding, if I have a wedding, well I might just bring one to someone else's wedding. If I go to a wedding. I doubt I'll be invited now if anyone having a wedding reads this. Not even my own.
Welcome back Doctor. Nice suit. Shame about the dancing. But a party is truly appropriate a celebration for what has been a fantastic series and a fantastic story.
2000 years, the waiting finally paid off. Good man.
Slipping away from the party, as you do Doctor.
River being ambiguous about marriage. Oh she is so Mrs Captain Jack.
The Wedding gear suits the Doctor in the TARDIS, nice tails.
Honeymoon in the TARDIS eh?
Now Amy has a husband, mum, dad, she still wants to travel with the Doctor. Fair enough.
So the cracks in time have closed. The story of this series has been told, but this is but a chapter in something far greater. And what a chapter it's been this finale has been one of the most epic so far, because all of the universe was lost, lives have been on the line, there's been mystery, a fez, suspense, a party, a menagerie of monsters (Which it was a shame we didn't see more of.... or maybe one day we will), but at the heart of it there was the Doctor and his companions. It may have been complicated and a bit of a cheat but there's another old saying, rules are meant to be broken. To next year.... Silence will fall.

The Pandorica Opens

Featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory and Alex Kingston as River Song.
Written By Steven Moffat
Broadcast on 19th June 2010

The finale begins, anything could happen, when the Pandorica opens...
Return to France, 1890, Hello Vincent! He has seen something. Hello Bracewell, he mustn't have gone to find Dorabella after all. Hello Churchill. Hello River who is entitled to phone calls.No idea how she escaped but here distraction for the guard is brilliant. In the far future, Hello Liz 10. This is really working to enrich the whole series, honouring those of us who have been working for the last 11 weeks and showing that it is all part of a greater design.
Black market Time Travel, in Tiger Tiger in Cardiff it seems. A vortex manipulator from the wrist of a time agent... I fear for Captain Jack''s well being.
The ring, Amy's precious, the TARDIS is on its way to Mordor. At this point I should say I've decided I don't like the new TARDIS. It's just a mess, it has no shape, once you've looked at it for long enough and figured out exactly how it's arranged you realise it is a terrible disaster. The mix of the coral and polished metal doesn't work, the roundels are just holes and pointless a lot of them with a layer of metal behind, why? The space below the console is just a blobby horrible thing, it looks like a really bad children's playground or set for a preschool show. It's full of holes too and the structure of the curved walls doesn't work. Also the way it's built means that most of the time it can only be shot from high up on the levels because you can't get a camera down into the main section. The console is partly improved in it's retro hexagon shape, again the perspex panels and coral effect border clashes, it just looks like foam. And what is the obsession with having the controls on the borders and not on the panels themselves? It's an improvement on the last but it's just control panels without any controls! The time rotor is almost completely obstructed too. It's pretty to look at the first time but after that it's just a calamity. The TARDIS may not be able to recognize design but surely it know what is appropriate, like, knobs, switches, dials and walls without holes in? Surely if we can manage some metal walls we can have more? The coral has had it's day. Gothic stone might work, make the ship seem cavernous.
Anyway, rant over, Planet 1 (Super Mario Land) and the first words ever written, Hello Sweetie.
Invasion of the hot italians. The Romans, we've been here before. Hello Cleopatra.... no that's River, she shouldn't be there surely. So what has Vincent painted? Ah. Boom!
Horses. Stone henge. Exactly as the next time trailer said. Ah we have had a sudden quiff flip, and back again. River Song quoting Pertwee from the Five Doctors, maybe I did, but I haven't yet. Flipped quiff again. And under the stone, a tunnel. The Underhenge.
Walking into the underhenge is brilliantly atmospheric and there is great suspense, not seen often in modern Doctor Who because it slows down the pace, but this is a two parter so we can get away with it. Added to this, Matt Smith as the Doctor injects glee into the performance. He really is a modern day Tom Baker, doing the opposite in dramatic terms.
Seeing the Cyber arm on the floor, things become quite grave and the Doctor knows it but says nothing.
The Pandorica contains the most feared being in the universe. A good wizard tricked it into the box and the wizards all turn out to be the Doctor, that explains Battlefield.
Stonehenge is transmitting, but who is listening? 10,000 star ships, Daleks... oh not again, Cybermen the ones from a parallel universe? Sontarans, who stole all their handbags? tereleptil, Slitheen, Trelonian, Drahvin, Nestene, Sycorax, Hemagogh, Zygon, Atraxi, Draconian.... You know what I said about the number of returning enemies this year..... I'm not going to bother. But does that mean we're going to see the overdue return of the Zygons?
Ah, the return of the Doctor's fancy binoculars. Unwinable battle? Well the Doctor's got his own little army. River's been rumbled by the Romans, who have been playing host to dead Cleopatra.
Oh who could the mysterious Roman soldier be?
Oh the ring, if something can be remembered, it can come back. Oh don't I know it.
Amy's life doesn't make sense, when travelling with the Doctor nothing will ever make sense again. Shooty arm thing! Thumbs up!
Now for all those that bought a Cyberman Voice Changer helemt, you'll never look at it in the same way again. Cyberoctopus it seems and confirmation there is a humanoid head in there. That is scary stuff. And the body, seems Cybermen can be put back together quite easily. But the wrong arm is missing, the gun arm should be on the right.
Hello Rory! I knew he'd be back.
the Doctor not noticing Rory is blatant cheese. Cyber-weapons? Didn't they belong to the Preachers though? Unless the Preachers got them off the Cybermen.
Ah, penny's dropped. He died and then came back, as you do.
The Pandorica is finally opening, time for one final quiff flip. An army in the sky, now that beats a Dalek fleet any day.
And now the most epic scene in the history of Doctor Who as the Doctor, the bravest most brilliant man in the universe stands up to the universe. Brave or stupid? Well he has stopped them all before, telling them to shut up, no problem. Because he is the Doctor and he has nothing to lose, nothing to fear.
TARDIS has gone wobbley.
Oh poor Rory, now you're back the one thing you want can't even remember you. Why you're here doesn't matter boy, just do what you have to, while you have the chance.
River at Amy's house, now things are coming full circle. The TARDIS scanner doesn't look too healthy. It's all about Amy. What is it about gingers being the most important people in the universe.
Now the suspense is back, nothing makes sense. Now the TARDIS is going wrong, she's gonna blow. Robo-romans? And now the Pandorica opens. Fight it Rory. AUTONS!
The Daleks are waiting!
And the Cybermen, Judoon, Sontarans. Hold on, the Judoon are police!
Uh oh, Amy's dead.
Silurians? They should be buried in hibernation... in the far future. Hoix. Roboforms.
Slow mo cheese.
This is what I call an epic cliffhanger, so without hope. You know, if the series ended on this..... oh boy.
Next Time.... you'll just have to wait and see.

The Lodger

Featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
Written By Gareth Roberts
Broadcast on 12th June 2010

OK OK I'm a bit behind, I've been on holiday but I'm going to get up to speed now. The Lodger, this was going to be an interesting one as I have the issue of DWM that this story first appeared in albeit in comicstrip form and with the 10th Doctor and Mickey. So it would be interesting to see how this would translate. Now this is the point in the season where we have Doctor-lite story, and lets face it, the format of this tale allows for that, but Doctor-lite storys can be done well as in Blink but can seem like an absolute stinker and a spare part as in Love and Monsters. Also with Gareth Roberts writing, who works more on the Sarah Jane Adventures, there isn't much going on in this story's favour. So my expectations are low, I probably wont be disappointed then.
We open up in a park instead of a field. The TARDIS lands and kicks the Doctor out, Karen Gillan noticably absent for filming. The ship whistles off with Amy on board and without the Doctor. I guess the intention is to feel as if the Doctor is stuck, which he is, but of course I know how this story turns out.
One of those flat buzzer things calls over a lad saying there's been an accident, how would it know he was there. FLickering light at the top of the stairs cliche.
Ah domestic, seeing as we have had very few Present day Earth stories this year, it' kind of a refreshing change. Man, Woman, Craig, Sophie, "just friends" but fancy eachother like mad blatently but neither of them is willing to admit it. Incompetents. As and incompetent I am qualified to say that. Oh and they have a mouldy ceiling, nice. Poor Craigy boy. *headfridge*
"I love you.", great first impression Craigy boy. Why do they blow these moments in the next time trailer, this would have been surprisingly funny if the proverbial gaffe hadn't been blown.
Ancient Amateur, nice, I like it. Doggy bag of money. Kissy kissy. Rotmeister. Reference from the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Omelette. Can you really make an omelette like that? 'tis not the way I do MAYONNAISE GET OUT!
Wobbley TARDIS.
The Doctor is weird, Craig looks like his sofa and is fondling keys. Two lads in a flat have an arrangement. Hmmm, yes, quite.
TARDIS trapped in a materialization loop, whatever's upstairs is stopping it. Which gets another victim.
Shades, bow tie, cool.
Time distortion.
Trolley, ah something else I just remembered, this like Love and Monsters is involved with a Blue Peter competition to design a TARDIS console.
Shower time, singing shower Pertwee. Too damn right the Doctor likes a good soak, he's been soaked in every episode this series I think.
Craig goes off upstairs, bad move I think.
Entirely expected naked Doctor. Saving the world with a sonic toothbrush.
Next scene, AWKWARD. Gorgeous?.... yeah, whatever.
Number 11... I see what you did there.
Now I'm not much of a football man but I like this scene, it's just the Doctor having a good time, at Craig's expense and the music is good and Matt Smith is clearly enjoying himself.
Another victim.
No Annihilations, time jumps, a lot of 9s.
Doctor with a cone as if he couldn't be any more studenty. Arrangement... giggidy.
But just as poor old Craigy boy plucks up his courage, surprise Doctor behind the sofa.
Looking at you two I'm starting to wonder where they all come from. Harsh but true but he's about to get a lot harsher. Are you going to go and live with monkeys now. Poor Craig. He's given up so much for this girl and she doesn't even know it. But is it worth it? Of course it is, until she plans to ditch him for monkeys. What is keeping you here. Good question but that picture on the wall is creeping me out.
It seems like the Doctor has built himself a time space analogue as seen in the Time Monster.
Dramatic rot is burny. Stupid boy.
Breakfast in bed. Eurgh, I dread to think what the Doctor took out of the bin but that must be really strong tea. Doctor in a call centre, CUSTARD CREAMS! Nice, Also on the desk, I shall call this the spinning time spatula of doom. Can you hold, I need to eat a biscuit.
How much do you bet Craig was throwing darts at a photo of the Doctor. He's got to go, talking to cats, monkeys, weird, Time space analogue. Solution, Doctor used headbutt! It's super effective. Also an excuse for another flashback sequence, they're really milking these this year. The Doctor has just poured all 31 seasons plus missing episodes of Doctor Who int Craig's head. So is Evil of the Daleks really as good as they say?
Upstairs is a time engine and people are dying up there people are dying up there people are dying up there people are dying up there people are dying up there people are dying up there. Sorry, don't know what happened there. But why do they dash off now, they've known something isn't right for a while, why is it any wiser o go up there now?
No upstairs but there is. Someone has built a TARDIS, but who and why. And how did it end up here? Another TARDIS is an old idea that actually works since it hasn't been used in a loooong time and there aren't supposed to be anymore. The buttresses are reminiscent of the last and the 8th Doctor's TARDIS. Sophie seems to have got herself into trouble though I don't know how she got onto the other side of the room.
Emergency program hologram looking for a new pilot.
The machine needs to leave it needs someone who wants to leave. What's keeping you here? Oh that's just to simple, but what the heck, kiss the girl!
So Craig doesn't have a flat anymore, he has a bungalow. And the built TARDIS has been seemingly destroyed, is that what they look like on the outside? Kissy kissy on the sofa.
Sneaky sneaky Doctor. The Doctor Rocks! Too right. Crack!
So what did I make of it? Well it wasn't bad really, not bad at all, at this stage of the season we do tend to get some kind of mediocre stories and some awful ones as I said, Love and Monsters, it would be more fitting to have something with more dramatic impact leading into the finale but strangely, if you put it anywhere else in the season you'd think it was pants, at least next week we have the finale. But there is some good character building which makes it hold up, even if the plot is wafer thin and there are some good and even funny moments. You could even compare this in tone to Series 1s Boom Town in the leisurely aspect, an opportunity to have a bit of fun, almost like being on holiday, luring you into a false sense of security for what is to come...

Next Time...
No no no please show us something new! Not old clips!
Ah here we go,
Stone Henge,
Big Doors,
The Pandorica,
More than just a fairytale,
What could you possibly be!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vincent and the Doctor

Featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
Written By Richard Curtis
Broadcast on 6th June 2010

Vincent and the Doctor fills me with dread, a less than imaginative title, written by a primarily comedy writer and coming at a point where the money usually runs out, hence the lack of Monster footage in the trailer. So what will come of this, only one way to find out.
Oh look, CORN! and a very pretty painting. Meet our star, Van Gogh, shot with a bit of mystery, but also with the undertone of vision. Bill Nighy about time he had a part in Who. And a good interesting portrayal to a character that is no more than a vehicle to give us the backstory on Van Gogh but delivered in a very light yet passionate way. Amy however is suspicious about the Doctor, why he's being "nice" at least they aren't dwelling on last weeks death. This allows the simple Doctor and companion formula to shine, being relaxed and enjoying themselves almost. Why Amy is suddenly an art lover escapes me slightly but that's character development for you. Straight away we have our point of interest, a very not nice face in a window.
Ministry of Artyness. What's well done is the reaffirmation that this artist killed himself, you'd think the Doctor would be somewhat responsible.
Ooh a cat! Ooh Croatia it looks pretty good. Matching the paintings to actual locations could be cheesy but thankfully it's not. Why has everyone got a west country accent? And why is one of the waitresses pulling stupid faces. Van Gogh has his celebrity status sure enough but he isn't necessarily pleasant, his little rant is however delivered with a spark of lightness almost like the Doctor himself, this is bold and great characterization. When they get talking, reason is given for Van Gogh's scottish accent, he's from Holland, must be the TARDIS's translation circuits translating a Dutchman speaking in French. Celtic eh?
He's not that kind of Doctor. There's a hind of some kind of romantic connection between Amy and Vincent, this isn't something we see nowadays the companion finding love DURING their travels. MURDER, how is it Vincent's fault? The local's reaction is a powerful sign about the attitudes to mental illness.
His house is like Vincent's world, he is so passionate, he has vision how he sees the world is brilliant. SCREAM. Vincent's gone a bit loopy. Invisible monster fights often seem a bit lame but this isn't bad, it's well shot and atmospheric rather than looking cheap. Vincent shows the Doctor what they're fighting the best way he can, drawing. At least we have some image, it's a gradual reveal.
Of course the Doctor has the gadget for the job, the Hartnell and Troughton cameos aare most welcome. But what are we facing? Chicken horse of course. We don't often see bird-like monsters even though chickens are pretty hideous.
Van Gogh's bedroom is a nice set up. His opinions on sunflowers are interestingly realised. The chicken horse is a cr.... something I can't spell, but rest assured the Doctor and Amy will be gone ASAP. Vincent's breakdown is shocking and excellently played by Tony Curran. He found companions and they will be gone like everyone he has ever known. But he will help anyway and off they go to paint a pretty picture. But Amy, why are you crying? Van Gogh really does have vision.
Time for some name dropping, how dull the waiting must be for the Doctor.
Only one thing can happen if the Doctor tells his assistant not to follow him. Seems to turn Van Gogh on a bit.
Now is hardly the time for a confession. This is good suspense, there are only a few occasions when an invisible monster works. So chicken horse enjoys the sonic eh? As if it didn't look rude enough already. Why not try a little empathy talk to the creature, I don't think it wants to listen.
It's blind, which explains why it impales itself on an easel. But something so savage fears death and pain, because it can't see. Winning, not always a good thing.
Star gazing, will the grass tear up in a second? Van Gogh's vision of the night is probably one of the most beautiful shots ever seen in Doctor Who.
Goodbyes on good terms, but there is real feeling behind it unlike most goodbye scenes. Go on Vincent, 1 trip. Oh the TARDIS has been plastered. He seems suspiciously at home aboard the TARDIS.
Where the TARDIS lands, I should have been there, I went home from Cardiff the day before. Now this is one of the greatest scenes this series, filling in the emotion we've had less of this season. This is Vincent's Hope, a man lead to believe he is something sees the recognition he never had the best gift he could ever have. Such emotion and charge, not sad but joyous. Dr Black's reaction is excellent.
So happy but even that isn't enough to save him. Lives are piles of good things and bad things, what a wonderful little speech. Followed by another about the ultimate ginger. One of the best lines ever. But what's left, a dedication. Using one's art to show what someone really means to you. I did that a few days ago... it shows they mean a lot, they make a difference.
So this has really been a fine episode, Richard Curtis has written one of the best this series if not one of the best since Doctor Who's return. With an agenda that could have easily fallen flat on its face this manages to be entertaining, informative and moving. Despite having serious issues it also remembers not to take itself all too seriously, it's got its light moment, like life itself. It balances itself perfectly. It's also without doubt a character piece, the Doctor and Amy are sorting out trouble whilst having a bit of fun, the Doctor and Vincent share a similar passion and vision, Vincent and Amy share a subtle romance, Dr Black has his passion for Van Gogh. As for the man himself, Tony Curran steals the show as Van Gogh, they pain and the joy, brilliantly portrayed it's a fantastic and bold performance. Its what elevates Doctor Who from just being a kids show, by having that calibre of acting and presentation of issue, you have to put this things realistically, you can't dumb them down if people are to stand a chance of understanding, because what they're understanding is the watered down side, not the somewhat harsh truth. With 4 main characters really this episode has allowed for development that often gets lost or overlooked in most of these rush around episodes. But it shows it can be done. And done well.
Next Time
Two Words, Love and Monsters.2

Monday, May 31, 2010

Cold Blood

Featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond and Arthur Darvill as Rory
Written By Chris Chibnall
Broadcast on 29th May 2010

After last weeks chilling first episode, could part two give this two parter classic status? So long as this doesn't turn into a remake of the last Silurians story then I'd say it's fairly possible so shall we find out?
Last week we didn't have a great big dramatic cliffhanger really so this is just a continuation really. Starting off we seem to have a remake of the End of Time. Terrible losses? Oooh... Nice city, to look at it, you'd think the Silurians are better off down there. Those caves are wonderfully atmospheric although how do they get sliding doors into sheer rock? Nasty lizard man wants to dissect poor Amy. His clothes look suspiciously human, of course he's stopped just in time and Amy and Mo make a getaway. They find Elliot who's conveniently yet unfortunately been put out of the way. Their goal is to find weapons, subtle war hinting there. The Doctor's getting an examination now. Another Scottish Silurian, the SAME Silurian, they're sisters, Why when they look the worst and most human, The scientist looks better! They need to be more snouty. Tony Mac isn't looking too well.
It's nice to have hints about the Doctor's alien physiology occasionally especially when it relates to incompatibility and in this case fatal consequences with human procedures. Celery! Cure for everything. Tomatoes? I'd love to see you put one of those on your lapel. We get the reason for the hostile action, Oxygen pockets of course.
Silurians in display cases makes it look like a Doctor Who exhibition. Those things on the floor, what's to say they aren't just ornamental, there's not much to them. But let sleeping Silurians lie, swipe their weapons. Standard army shot, the expanse of those caves, it's a wonder the ground above hasn't caved in.
Mac needs pills!
Here we go, the back story, this should have come last week really to bring us up to speed with the species. Ah, Doctor Who and the Silurians explained, remembering that moment when the Brigadier blew up the caves. It all feels quite Third Doctor-ish doesn't it.
Oh fishwifecustard what are you doing? Taser? Where did she get that even, they aren't legal. But Alaya goading her makes her so unlikable. The eyes too, they're too human. But also why is she scottish!!! TWO scottish Silurians. Tony Mac's understanding of how they have to be better is commendable.
Amy's attempted storming of the hall didn't go well and we have the Silurian's struggle for authority, they can't even agree amongst themselves that's what separates them as another race, they have their own struggles. "I'm glad you're alright." blimey that was limp.
Silurians making contact through a computer without a webcam and the Silurians don't even have a screen.
Fishwifecustard is starting to get on my nerves and Amy's quite cruel about Rory being clingy, innappropriate humour much. But execution is promptly stopped by old man Silurian who puts Restak in her place while being quite warm and jolly. He looks good aswell, a less humanly structured face, he has jowels.
The Doctor on the screen is very Patrick Troughton, he thinks Alaya is still alive, so innocent, he had faith in them and they've let him down.
He gives another motivational speech, the rules of time and how they can talk this through.
Fishwifecustard doesn't know when to stop, she gets it all wrong. I should probably find her more annoying but you can't help but sympathise with her a little. Though she is blatently digging a hole. And guilt tripping, she knows she did wrong but you're probably going to do it again.
It's good that the Doctor has left the humans to it and is doing as he promised, getting Elliot back. The Scilurian I'll call him is quite a nice character, despite being all green skinned he's warm and has an excitement and passion about his studies. His apology also adds to this. Bumps the Doctor's fist too. He is the jolly scientist all over, he just needs a bow tie. And how he waves at Elliot. He totally thinks it's cool.
Issues being brought to the table, Amy looks bored stiff, will she behave. What's with the monologue? I seriously don't understand the need for it, but it does hint somewhat at his growing concern. Amy of course points out the thing brought up in every Silurian story, they can have the areas where Man can not survive. Eldane manages to show some promise and ambition to what can be achieved. It's quite motivating. Restak is going her own way, she wants to turn this into a war and the first death... Sci-lurian, that wasn't necessary, I should be upset that he's been killed but it just feels pointless and unnecessary. Not even a noble death, they've just run out of things to do with him and want to get him out of the way.
You can feel the beat as the Doctor realises something is amiss, Alaya is dead, it was looking so hopeful but it's been spoiled by fishwifecustard and she doesn't stop, she freely admits to it and shouts the odds, the correct and harshest reaction is from Elliot who brushes her away, dispite everything, he understands better than her. Matt Smith plays this so naturalistically, it's definitely one of his finest performances. I love it when he gets angry. Eldane too is disappointed. And the hall is stormed by Silurians. This actress loves her silly noises, she strikes me as an arty farty actress.
Oh Fishwifecustard stop it. You make things worse everytime, but the Doctor will still save you. The sonic's ability to knock out weapons is a little too much power. It really shouldn't do that.
Poor Tony Mac isn't well, solution, blow up the drill. A WHAT load of those creatures? And now we have a way out too. Eldane is subtly disappointed but will do what's best. Earth is not ready for the to return he says with a slight bitterness. Supersqueaky what?
Mac's going to stay, that's sad, he's got to leave his family. An older person with his family, several generations. The Silurians fleeing back to their chambers looks a bit feeble, poor direction there. All too easy. But that's a thing about Silurians they're always ready to go back in a heartbeat. Eldane seems so disappointed, he's been let down big time. Nasreem wants to stay aswell, characters that can choose. Totally a sequel in there. I hope her character comes back. Haha the Doctor's comedy run is brilliant. The crack is back. PAT TROUGHTON'S HANKY! Take a leap and grab a clue!
Rory's copped it, saving the Doctor, after everything he said about him being a bad influence. Just as he was getting likable too, he cops it, and Amy has been so mean to him in this episode. I now regret my acknowledging certain similarities with him last week. He's the new Adric, that's it. But he's so sweet even in death. What's more is he's going to be erased. How will Amy forget him? She remembered the soldiers and the angels, but she might forget her fiance. The Doctor has to be quite brutal here, dragging her away. And the TARDIS does the cruelest thing of all, stops her remembering.
The Doctor has a good way of telling people, they were wrong. But he can still try and forgive, but he doesn't say.
Amy sees herself alone, that's just tight. So what are the losses apart from Rory?
Oh a piece of the TARDIS, this isn't looking good.
A good conflicting ending, conflicting in a good way because the Doctor in a sense has lost, but there was hope. It was kind of obvious the Silurians would just go back to sleep but I'll let that pass. It's wonderfully atmospheric in all those caves and a superb and well written cast of characters. Rory's death adds a sense of poignancy even though I kind of expected it, though I bet he'll come back somehow at the end of the series. This is in a way this generation's Earthshock, if only the Silurian's return had been kept a secret.
Next Time
Bill Nighy,
Nasty face,
Van Gogh's bedroom,
Van Gogh's face,
Breathe quietly,
The Doctor's in a cupboard,
Flying Doctor,
I get a feeling we're not going to see this monster, this is the point where the money runs out.